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Volst makes elegant web, iOS and Android apps. Made by an engaged team using the latest open source technologies. Our software development is modern and efficient.


Using modern open source technologies like React, our web apps are super fast but built like a tank. We build complete web apps as well as iterations and prototypes of them. We are an engaged, quick and inventive team focused on how to best execute complex software projects for clients, by providing a great user experience.

Mobile development

We always work as efficiently as possible. That’s why, instead of building an app twice for iOS and Android, we use React Native. React Native allows us to develop, style and maintain two native apps at once: a big timesaver. Popular apps like Instagram and Facebook are built using this technology!

Let’s work together!

At Volst, we love meeting people with interesting ideas. Do you have an idea for a web app, mobile app, digital product, interactive installation or collaboration? Our wide range of interests can help make your idea a reality. Let’s talk!


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