The data assessment webapp.

The data as­sess­ment web­app

Together with UWV, CBS, VDAB and JADS, under the Interreg Werkinzicht project, Volst developed an online tool to assess and validate new labor skills and occupations extracted from big data through a text analysis algorithm.


CBS built an algorithm extracting new insights from big data. UWV had to validate these insights by comparing them with existing data within the correct context.


Volst Application Development. Volst developed the webapp using an iterative process, beginning small and extending the application by testing it, thus gaining new insights and ideas to build the next itteration with.


A simple and efficient validation interface. In the end the webapp will support evaluation and validation of new labor insights and data points extracted from big data sets. These will then be used in the overall UWV occupation and skills data set.


The nightlife platform.

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