The nightlife platform.

The nightlife platform.

Together with Night Mayor of Eindhoven Siem Nozza and Scherp Ontwerp Volst developed a nightlife platform for the city of Eindhoven:

The city of Eindhoven has a rich night life. But it’s hard to find out what is happening where and when?


Brainstorming and generating enthusiasm. Our first brainstorm session with Siem Nozza, Night Mayor of Eindhoven, went from addressing the slow administration of permits and discussing how to deal with noise nuisance to coming to the realisation that it isn’t easy to know what’s going on in town tonight or next weekend.


Together with Scherp Ontwerp we developed a webapp, mobile first. Simple and to the point; an easy to use, bare bones online calendar with great content, administered by a curator.


The AR demo.

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